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Enchanted by the Season - Fall Crafting Ideas

September has arrived and the mysteries of autumn have already begun whispering to us with anticipation. Embrace these wonderful autumn vibes as the air turns crisp and cool – and nature transforms itself into a canvas of wonder. As the weather changes, it’s time to head indoors and prepare our holiday gifts and celebrations - or to find ways to keep ourselves engaged and fulfilled as the nights grow long and the days cold. Dive into your imagination and answer the call of fall with 24 Hour Crafts!

Create a Welcoming Autumn Door Wreath

Let's kick off this crafting adventure with a heartwarming wooden wreath. Begin by grabbing a wreath blank shape and wrapping it lovingly with twine or ribbon. Select wooden cutouts that capture the essence of fall, such as leaves, pumpkins, acorns, and mushrooms. Paint, decoupage, or resin the shapes in fiery autumn shades of reds, oranges, golds, and coppers. Arrange these charming pieces in a circle around the wreath or let a single centerpiece dangle in the middle and steal the show. Don't forget to sprinkle some leaves and fall foliage on top. Hang your finished masterpiece on your front door, giving your guests a stylishly warm welcome to the season.
  • Gather your materials: A wood wreath blank shape, twine or ribbon, seasonal wood shaped cutouts, acrylic paint and brushes, Mod Podge, or Resin, fall foliage, and glue.
  • Wrap the wreath with your selected twine or ribbon.
  • Paint, decoupage, or resin your selected seasonal shapes.
  • Arrange the wooden pieces around the wreath and glue in place.
  • Add the autumn leaves and fall foliage for an extra touch.
  • Attach a ribbon and hang!

October Woodburning Challenge

If you're unfamiliar with art challenges, you might want to check out our blog post here where we explain why they're so rewarding for creative individuals! In the art world, October is well known for the Inktober challenge. Each day corresponds to a word prompt, inspiring participants to create ink sketches based on these prompts. Imagine infusing this cool concept with a crafting twist - woodburning on craft shapes! Give your creativity a workout by joining the excitement with a daily word prompt challenge. Utilize wooden circles, squares, or any shape that inspires you. Hone your woodburning skills and add paints and color if you desire too! By month’s end, you'll have awesome ornaments ready to hang on your tree or gift to your loved ones!
  • Gather your materials: 31 wood shape cutouts, woodburning tool, paints and brushes (optional), and a 31-day art prompt.
  • Beginning on October 1st, create a piece of wood burned art inspired by the daily prompt.
  • Continue until October 31st.

Seasonal Hanging Plaques

Personalize your space with seasonal hanging plaques that contain phrases or quotes of significance to your home and family. Start with a chunky ½” thick rectangle shape. Stain, paint, or decoupage the base. Add a cute phrase such as “Grateful” or “Harvest Blessings”. Glue some painted wood shapes on the plaque. Glue rope to the back and hang or let it sit on tabletops, mantelpieces, and shelves.
  • Gather your materials: ½” thick wood rectangle, wood stain, acrylic paint, or Mod Podge with seasonal paper, paint brushes, seasonal wood shapes, glue, and rope (optional).
  • Stain, paint, or decoupage the base rectangle.
  • Plan out the arrangement of the wood shapes and the text.
  • Paint the text using a fine round brush or purchase a word cutout.
  • Paint the wood shapes and glue onto the base.
  • Glue a rope on the back for hanging or let it stand for all to see.


Resin-Poured Fall Coasters

Elevate the aesthetic of your fall décor with exquisite resin-poured coasters that capture the sheer beauty of the season. Start with wooden bases of any shape you desire and layer resin, embedding autumn leaves, tiny twigs, nuts and acorns, or a sprinkle of enchanting glitter for an extra touch of allure. As the layers set, you'll be left with mesmerizing coasters that encapsulate the essence of a picturesque fall landscape. Top it off with a clear coat for added depth and protection.
  • Gather your materials: coaster sized wood craft cutouts, epoxy resin, epoxy colorant of your choice, pouring cups, mixers, gloves, small autumn foliage (optional)
  • Set up your work area for easy clean up.
  • Elevate your wooden shapes.
  • Following the directions on the box, mix your resin and hardener in cups separated by the different colors.
  • Pour the resin in designs of your choice, adding in any accessories if you desire.
  • Allow the coasters to cure.
  • (Optional) Repeat the process with a clear coat.

Get Playful with Chunky Pumpkins

Chunky pumpkins are adorable ½” thick shapes that can stand on their own! Paint them in charming fall shades or mod podge them with seasonal papers. Complete the look with a ribbon or twine tied around the stem. Mix and match them with other pumpkins or fall-themed shapes like leaves or acorns to craft your very own autumn scene.
  • Gather your materials: ½” thick pumpkin craft cutouts with flat bottoms, art medium of your choice, ribbon or twine.
  • Color the pumpkins with paint, resin, or decoupage.
  • Once dried, tie ribbon or twin around the stems.


Fall beckons us to slow down, savor nature's beauty, and immerse ourselves in creative pursuits. With wooden craft cutouts at your fingertips, you have an array of techniques to fashion stunning pieces that capture the magic of the season. Embrace the crisp air, the cozy tones, and the pure delight of crafting as you dive into these autumn-inspired projects. 24 Hour Crafts has everything you need to bring these visions to life. Let’s make this fall an unforgettable season of crafting joy. Happy crafting!
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