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6 Ways To Accessorize Your Bedroom To Bring Out Your Style

6 Ways To Accessorize Your Bedroom To Bring Out Your Style

Have you been looking for a way to make your space feel more like your space?

There's only so much character to pieces you can buy at the store and you're lucky if you can even find something that you genuinely can connect to! It can be frustrating to want to fill your room with accessories, only to be met with the same drab bland decorations you've seen hundreds of times on the store shelves. Well, it's time to get your crafty and inspired mind to work, personalized wall hangings made with your own ideas can truly bring out your own personalize style to your bedroom! Here are 6 ideas on how to accessorize your bedroom with personalized wall hangings!

personalized wall hanging monogram

1. Personalized Wall Hangings Using Monograms

Bring out your personal style with your own name, what's more personal than that? Get a decorative monogram of your own name to put in your space, decorate it as you see fit. Use your favorite colors, textures, and finishes to really make it something that you think properly incorporates the elements of you!

2. Make A Personalized Wall Hanging From Your Favorite Animal Or Thing

personalized wall hanging owl

Do you have a favorite animal, or maybe you're just drawn to some object that's a symbol for you. Why not incorporate that in your room? Get a wood shape that resembles your favorite animal or thing and then make it your own! Whether you decorate it in a realistic way or go for something more abstract, bring it in. If you're obsessed with giraffes, use a giraffes patterns in your project. Have a favorite sport and team? Use their colors in your project to add a little touch of that in your space. Make it your own!

3. Collage A Wooden Shape With Things That Are Uniquely You

It can be hard to find one element that can properly encapsulate everything that is so uniquely you. So why try and only limit it to one element? Use all of them! Make a collage using mementos that are close to you or symbols you like to associate yourself with. Plaster them all over a personalized wall hanging base, like a simple wooden circle or square and get collaging. Think of fun ways to attach them that aren't just glue. Maybe you'll affix them to the base using string, or place them in resin! Be creative and have fun while making it.

4. Make Fun Ornaments

Why just stick to the walls? Take over some space on your ceiling by making hanging ornaments! Personalized wall hangings don't just have to be drab two dimensional pieces, be creative and think on a three dimensional plane! Make ornaments out of shapes and items that are important or unique to you, make the shapes pop by stacking different sizes or affixing them to create somewhat of a globe-like appearance. Or make this a lot simpler by just encasing them in a resin globe and hanging them once dried and polished! Again, decorate these how you see fit.

5. Make Functional Personalized Wall Hangings

personalized wall hanging article function

If you're like me, you look for function over decorative elements. So why not make your personalized wall hanging something functional. Make a shelf that can hold more of you things, install hooks into it so you can hold up your lanyards or jackets! Just because you're making something decorative doesn't mean you have to lose out on the functionality of that space.

6. Incorporate Your Other Talents And Hobbies

Do you have something else you're incredibly talented in? Maybe you're an amazing graphic artist, or an aged crocheter. Bring those talents into your personalized wall hanging. Draw a magnificent graphic art piece all over the base of the wall hanging, incorporate crocheted features in the wall hanging. Bring in as many of your talents as you can to make it something unique.

Once you're finished you'll know that you can never find anything like what you made in a store. Nothing in a store will make your space feel more like you and your style than something you make by hand. So get crafty!


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