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6 Ways to Decorate For A Baby Shower

Planning A Baby Shower for A Loved One?

Are you looking for a way to make your loved one's baby shower pop? Personalized monograms and wood shapes are the perfect way to personalize the baby shower venue. We've curated 6 ways to decorate for the baby shower! Baby shower decorations can be more than just decorative, the piece you use for decorations can become functional decor for the future nursery! Keeping this in mind here are some great ideas for baby shower decor using wood shapes and personalized monograms!

1. Personalized Monogram Signs

personalized monogram baby sign

One way to decorate the baby shower space is to just use personalized monogram signs for the baby's name. The sign can be used later in the room of the baby or further decorated with more things that the baby gravitates towards later, thus acting as a little collection of baby things throughout the years! It may act as a wonderful way to keep memories together later on!

You may also consider using personalized monogram sign for the family in general as their family is being established and growing larger! It may be a piece they may want to consider for their living room if enough work is put into making sure it's polished.

2. Create Baby Birth Charts

One fun way to decorate for the baby shower is to create a baby birth chart. This would include the date and time of birth, the height, and weight. You can decorate it as you seem fit and could even add a personalized monogram with the babies name!

You could also consider adding a section of when everyone guesses the baby's birth date and time, height, and weight! Make it a fun game at the baby shower and put the best guess on the baby birth chart, see how close everyone came when the baby is actually born and reward whoever comes closest with a small gift! This piece of decor can also easily be translated into something for the nursery.

personalized monogram crib decoration

3. Use Personalized Monograms For Crib Decor

Instead of using a full on sign why not just make a monogram piece that stands alone. This piece of decoration can be customized with paint, collages, or any other number of art style. It can be used later to decorate the crib, or in the event of twins or more help tell whose space is whose. It's a very simple piece of decor that can make any space feel more personal.

4. Create Party Favors Using Baby Wood Shapes

Why stop at a single piece of decor? Make a small party favor that can be used to decorate a space but also double as a party favor the guests. It can include a personalized monogram with the babies name or just be a shape with the information of the baby shower date for people to look back on.

You could use a small little baby bear wood shape that is painted and has whatever you want it to say on it! Make it a piece that can stand, or one that's a magnet, whatever you choose just make it something that your guests can use in your home.

personalized monogram baby wreath

5. Create Decorative Charms

If you have a large area to decorate consider making a rope charm with different baby wood shapes. Put a number of things that the parents want to associate the baby with! Some of the items on the charms can become a custom mobile piece or even decorate the side of the crib or the nursery walls later! Either way be creative and keep baby safe materials in mind.

6. Create A Custom Guest Book

Want something that will make a great impression at the baby shower? Create a little custom guest book with a wood shape. Get small wood shapes and have your guests decorate them at the baby shower. You can let them drop their finished piece into a small glass jar or another creative piece that showcases all of their attendance! This can be placed in the nursery and serve as a long-term piece that shows who was in attendance of your little one's party!

 We hope we've at least stimulated your imagination for what you can do to create unique and custom baby shower decorations that can serve a purpose even past the baby shower itself! Whatever you make, make it with love to nourish the baby and the growing family!


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