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Back to School Craft Ideas

Get ready for the back-to-school season with these exciting and fun craft ideas! As summer winds down and the school year approaches, it's the ideal time to engage in some creative projects that will add a personal touch to your classroom or locker.


First up, is the most popular personalized classroom door hangers! Welcome your students with a splash of color. Paint wooden cutouts such as the classic round or pencil in shades that reflect your teaching style or shapes that match your subject matter. Try our Interchangeable Welcome Craft Set for all year round fun!

Transform those dull lockers into a canvas of self-expression with locker magnets. Choose a variety of wood cutout shapes, such as animals or after school activities shapes. Paint them to match their interests and personality. Add small craft magnets to the back, and voilà - functional and cute locker decorations!

Want to show appreciation to your teachers or fellow students? Craft adorable Apple Heart keychains. (Don't forget to ask for holes with your order!) These sweet keepsakes will be cherished throughout the school year.

Promote a love for reading with an Open Book reading tracker craft. Paint a large book shape with the title of the books and any symbols and colors that represent the subject, or add students' names to the wall. Each time a student finishes reading a book, they can paint smaller open book shapes to include either their name or the book title to go in its respective space. Display these on the wall to track their reading progress throughout the year.

Let creativity flourish with a tree craft. Have students paint their own apple or acorn shape with their names and create a tree on the wall using construction paper or other materials. Attach the painted shapes using double-sided tape and watch the tree grow as the students progress together on their academic journey.

Capture memories with a photo frames craft. Choose a wood cutout, paint it with favorite colors, and add decoupage patterns. Then, glue a school picture for a timeless keepsake that will remind students of their fun times in school. Try it with the School Bus shape! Use each window as a frame for your child's school pictures over the years, or let them fill it with pictures of their friends.

For a collaborative effort, try an alphabet wall art craft. Assign each student a letter of the alphabet and have them decorate it with objects or animals that start with that letter. Combine all the pieces and display the final masterpiece on the classroom wall. At the end of the year, students can take their letters home as a memento of their time in class.

These craft ideas are not only fun and creative but also educational. They encourage teamwork and self-expression, making them the perfect addition to your back-to-school preparations. So, grab your shapes and your paints, and let's make this school year unforgettable!

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