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5 Accessories That Makes Your Wedding Invitation Stand Out

Personalized letters and wood shapes can be just the thing to make your wedding invitation stand out from the rest!

With Summer here, another wedding season is upon us! Whether you're the bride or groom (congrats from us here at 24 Hour Crafts!), or you're helping with the planning, we have unique wedding invitation accessory ideas for you using personalized letters and shapes! A wedding invitation is the first impression, and first celebration, of the couples new step! A wedding invitation becomes a gift, a memento to be cherished, something to be looked back on for years to come! So without further ado, here are 5 accessories that will make your wedding invitation stand out! (Personalized Letters)

1. Make a magnet to include with the invitations!

Do you have a special wedding theme you're excited about? Or maybe you have something very special and meaningful to you and your partner! One way to incorporate unique wedding invitation accessories would be to provide a magnet for your recipients to put your wedding invitation up on the fridge with! Don't have a specific thing in mind for a magnet design? Just use a personalized letter for the magnet, decorate it with paint, or bedazzled, or cover it in another fabric to fit the wedding theme! Providing a magnet ensures the guest can store the invitation somewhere easily and makes for a unique touch to your invitations!

personalized letter invitation

2. Have the invitations be a wood personalized letter!

Another way to make your invitations truly unique is to use the first letter of your married last name as the actual invitation. This does require you to be quite creative in what is included on the invitation, since you're working with less space, but it does make the invitation special in that it is not a traditional card stock invitation. Decorate the wood letters with the wedding information and make sure it's in your wedding colors and theme for the finishing touches!

3. Include a charm made out of a personalized letter!

24 hour crafts personalized letter or shape charm

Similar to the magnet idea, but if there is a certain item that represents you as a couple or your wedding theme simply create a charm with the invitation that showcases that. You can also use a wood personalized letter for the charm instead! A charm creates a keepsake for your invited guests and makes for quite the unique accessory to be shipped out with your formal invitations!

4. Create a faux embossing!

Want the raised lettering or object effect, but don't want to pay the additional fees at the printing shop to do it? Break out a personalized letter or wood shape to affix to the back of the invitation for a similar effect! Decorate the letter or shape beforehand and attach them to the back of your invitations. Not only will this make that 'popped out' effect on your invitations, but it will also make your invitation pop out from the rest!

5. Use personalized letters to create a unique frame!

Depending on the last name you are taking, you may be able to create a unique frame with the letter. Use a wood personalized letter use it as the frame of your invitation! For example, if your taking on a last name that begins with 'C,' simply affix the letter onto the invitation and cut out everything outside of the C. It creates a unique shape and framing technique for your invitations, and something you wouldn't be able to do at a regular invitation store or print shop! Truly a unique accessory for your wedding invitation!

Hopefully this list of possibilities has inspired you to consider making a unique choice when designing your wedding invitations! Again, from all of us here at 24 Hour Crafts, congratulations on your big day and happy crafting!

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