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7 Unique Ideas To Decorate Your Primary Classroom For A Creative Atmosphere

7 Unique Ideas To Decorate Your Primary Classroom For A Creative Atmosphere

Summer is almost past it's halfway mark and that means teachers are gearing up their lesson plan for the coming school year! Whether you're a teacher or the parent of a little one who's going back to school, we have some unique ways to help decorate your primary classroom for a creative atmosphere! Parent's consider making something for the classroom, so your child has a piece of you in the class, plus the teacher is sure to appreciate the extra decorations.

primary school decorations personalized state wall hangings

1. Animal Shapes

primary class decorations personalized country wall hangings

Now what do kid's love more than animals? If you have the chance to get a list of the kid's favorite animals you can decorate their favorite animals for them in the classroom. Consider making them their desk name tags or use them to separate the cubbies! Either way, consider personalizing the animals for the kid's. Or supply the children with their favorite animals and have them take it home and decorate it with their families.

2. ABC's Wall/Numbers Wall

A staple in the primary classroom is the ABC wall, usually a strip above the whiteboard. Why keep your ABC wall 2D? Expand it out to a 3D shape that the kid's can decorate! Have them bring something small that they're willing to part with and collage your letter shapes with the items that they bring in and put them up! Decorate all of the letters of the alphabet in this fashion until you have a complete alphabet wall!

You can also consider doing the same thing with a number wall, get the number shapes and have them bring a certain number of items for each number! Personalize them as the classroom seems fit until you complete this section as well!

primary classroom decorations

3. Seasonal Section

One way to decorate your classroom is to have a section of the room dedicated to seasonal decor. Get seasonal wood shapes and decorate them with the class! Once the season passes, allow the kid's to take their creations home for them to use next year! This will keep a section of your classroom constantly changing and dynamic for the kids.

This is also an area that you can incorporate personalize state or country wall hangings. While some states experience the seasons differently it might be good to show the seasons as they look around your particular area. Grab a state wall hanging and decorate it with local things that you can find that represent the changing seasons. If there are country specific holidays, consider getting a personalized country wall hanging and decorating it accordingly!

4. Personalized State Wall Hangings

personalized state wall hanging

While we're on the topic, personalized state wall hangings are a great way to help teach the kid's more about where they are! Maybe you have a student come in from another state, consider getting them their former states shape and allow them to decorate it and tell the class about where their from! This would work similar to if you have a student come from another country. While children, depending on their age, have better or worse understandings of their place in the world, having a state shape in the classroom can help them place what the world is like!

5. Personalized Country Wall Hangings

Personalized country wall hangings are also a great idea for helping the children figure out where they are. Decorate the country with landmarks that the kid's learn about or sections where their hail from! Maybe you're teaching the kid's about history and want to show them where something occurred. Place something that can represent that moment in history and put it on the country wall hanging! Feel free to allow the kid's to interact with the personalized state wall hangings and country wall hangings as they seem fit!

6. Tooth Fairy Section

primary school class decorations

Now, depending on the age of the children, they may be losing baby teeth! One section of the classroom in my kindergarten class that was popular was the tooth fairy section! When a student loses a tooth let them put something in the tooth fairy section and take something from the tooth fairy section! You can decorate this area with teeth and fairy shapes to really drive the nail in.

Another fun thing to keep in this area would be teeth necklaces, while it sounds haunting it's just a small little tooth shaped compartment on a ribbon that the kid's can put their tooth in if they lose it in the classroom! Keep their baby teeth safe until they can get home and put it under their pillow for tooth fairy to reward them with!

7. Inspirational/Creative Signs

You can never go wrong with decorating the classroom with your standard run-of-the-mill inspirational and creative signs. However, you can do better than that. Make it yourself using wood shapes and decorate them how you want! You can even teach the kid's with them. If you're learning more about your state history, make an inspirational sign with using a personalized state wall hanging and your states motto! Keep our inspirational signs somewhere visible and make sure that they are simple enough for the students to understand and read.

While we all want to sit back and enjoy Summer while it lasts, it's time to get everyone ready to go back to school! Might as well start the school year with a fun decoration!

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