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Customized Housewarming Gift Ideas

Personalized names on decor make for a great gift.

Summer is right around the corner! That also means it's moving season. Those who drive vans and trucks know that this is the time when your friends need you and your vehicle, mostly your vehicle, to help move! Luckily moving season at least brings housewarming parties, but now a new issue. What to get your friends as a gift for their housewarming party? We recommend a new piece of decor, a custom piece with personalized names!

wooden craft personalized names

A custom gift with personalized names can bring an immediate sense of ownership and warmth to their new home. While it may seem a bit cliche, nothing personalizes a space like a nice attractive personalized gift. There are a few general rules that should be followed when making a personalized names piece for a house.

Make sure the piece reflects the persons/families interests and style

You don't want to do something that seems too generic. Incorporate things that you know the person or their family are interested in. Do they like football, scrabble, gardening? Do they have a favorite color, or flower, or even number? Incorporate these things in your personalized names piece! Just make sure that the style of the piece also matches the style of the living space. While it should standout, it should still look like it belongs among the rest of the furniture and decorations

Make sure to include everyone's name in the household, that includes pets!

When making a piece with personalized names, it's important to make a piece that won't exclude anyone from it. Anyone living in the house should be included and be able to see themselves as part of the household. Including the names of the households beloved pets in your piece also makes the decor feel much more personal.

personalized names wall decor 24 hour craftsMake it your own!

While it is a gift for someone else, who says you can't have fun with it still! Make it your own by turning it into a craft project.

Paint parts of it, maybe learn how to resin a portion of it. You can hot glue, macrame, or whatever your creative heart desires! Need some inspiration? Look at the beautiful crafts that some of our customers have done with wooden shapes and personalized names here.

Make sure everyone's name is spelled correctly!

Now I am sure I'm not the only one who's family growing up was given a Christmas ornament, or card, or some gift where the gift giver had the best intention of putting all of our names on it. Only for one of the names to be misspelled and thus rendered useless. It's a rather easy step to check off, but sometimes it misses us! Make sure the names on your personalized names decor are spelled correctly. Even better, if an individual has a preferred name consider using that in the project.

24 hour crafts personalized names plate

We hope that this has inspired you to consider taking on a craft project for any housewarming parties you might attend this upcoming Summer! We offer a number of different customizable wood crafts and texts for any type of craft occasion. A new piece of decor with personalized names is sure to be a wonderful gift for the household to use for years. Once the moving is done, you'll feel nice knowing you played a small part in making their new house a home.


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