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10 Ideas That Can Add Texture to Your Home Decor

Searching for New Wall Decor Inspirations? Personalized wall hangings may just be the next thing for you to apply your crafty mind towards! 


Personalized wall hanging crafts can become so unique and fun to make. Whatever your aesthetic or your creative license, you can really make any wood shape into a piece of beautiful decor to garnish on your walls! When picking and designing wall decor it's incredibly important to think about the different textures that you can create.

What textures currently exist in your space? What textures do you feel lack? Is there a texture you favor? One that you hate? Textures can really differentiate and elevate the perceived feeling of your space! In essence of that, here are

10 ideas that can add texture to your home decor!

personalized wall hangings floral texture

Introduce Floral Textures To Your Personalized Wall Hangings

Floral textures can create very airy or watery feelings, depending on the floral accents used. Consider weaving, tying, or even gluing down floral textures onto a personalized wall hanging decor to introduce this texture. Color is just as important as texture, especially when it comes to floral's, so pick wisely! Consider what floral elements you want to bring in, is it the softness of a flower petal, the rigidness of a bush, or the lushness of a moss? Floral textures in themselves are so varied and unique, that they offer a great variety of textures to play with!

Personalized Wall Hangings With Natural Wood Textures

Natural wood textures are always appealing to the eye. Whether they are polished, sanded, unfinished, or sealed, natural wood textures are always a success. If you are unsure of what texture you want to introduce, a natural wood one is quite universal for any space. If you're using a wood shape for your personalized wall hanging you may just want to coat it with a seal to accent it's natural wooden feel!

Go For A Resin Finished Texture

A very identifiable and familiar texture to many crafters is resin! Whether you do a resin drip, resin pour, or resin dip of your personalized wall hanging, the finished product is always enjoyable. Using resin also allows you to introduce other textures, besides just the hardened glossy resin. Whether you press another thing into the piece, or add glitter, or sand a section down for a different finish, resin is a great way to use your beautiful, crafty brain!

Get Creative With Textiles In Your Personalized Wall Hanging Decor

personalized wall hangings texture

Personalized wall hangings pair so well with textiles. The world of textiles only exists because of how vast the world of texture is! Silk, satin, wool, burlap, tulle, the different textures of each textile is so immense! Something as little as adding a little textile bow, or even a touch of macrame can transform any old personalized wall hanging into a brand new chic wall decor that will have your guests and family in awe!

Stick To Traditional Matte Or Glossy Textures

If you're more of a beginner to D.I.Y. home decor, you may want to stick to more traditional textures. If you've ever gotten your nails done, you know that there are two main textures to a nail finish. Either a matte or glossy texture, one is a smooth, almost velvety finish, while the other is a smooth, glassy finish! These two different textures can easily be replicated and introduced to a personalized wall hanging with a glossy paint finish or a matte paint finish!

Consider Using Earthy Textures With Your Personalized Wall Hangings

One last natural texture to consider introducing is stone. While there are different stone textures, i.e. brick, marble, natural, river, etc., stone can create a very unique wall hanging. Playing with an airy element such as hanging a piece and adding heavier elements such as a stone texture can make a piece less crafty and more high art! Consider gluing stones to the piece, or maybe even just using sand and glue to get a similar effect.

Think About The Power Of Dimension And Depth

Texture can be heavily manipulated and tweaked by the dimension and depth of a piece. If you're looking to go the extra mile on your personalized wall hanging, add similar elements on different sections of the base. Add a smaller shape of the same design on a larger shape to make it push forward. Add an element behind the base to make it seem further and deeper than it really is! How you choose to frame the final product can also change the overall texture of the wall hanging!

Consider Creating 'Charm'-Like Decor

Along the same line of the above idea, play with your vertical space and texture! Whether you have multiple pieces separate, or connected by a single element such as rope or ribbon, these are all ways of introducing more textural elements to your personalized wall hanging! Connect different pieces of decor with a single element that encompasses the feeling you want to create. Garland, faux vine, rope, string, wire, are all different ways to connect multiple pieces while also introducing more texture.

personalized wall hanging collage texture

Get Crafty With Collages

Something that is more easy to get the kid's involved with is using collages as your personalized wall hanging decor. Simply use a base and glue together similar elements or knick-knacks that mean something to your family! This can be used in combination with any of the above ideas.

Class It Up With Metallic Textures

One way to make your area feel a little more posh is by using metallic textures. You don't want to overdo it with metallic textures, this can create a cold feeling to your space. Warmer metallic textures such as gold or copper can act as great accents to a personalized wall hanging, this introduces a new texture and elevates the piece. You can use metallic markers, paint, or fabrics to get the same effect!

We hope that this has inspired your creative side the next time you're considering making something new for the home! Your wall hangings are going to be taken to the next level with these texture tips!


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