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5 Creative And Fun Ideas For Your Kid’s Play Date

With Summer here and the kid's out of school, play dates are right around the corner!

Whether you're hosting or merely dropping off the kid's, you can come up with some great creative and fun ideas for your little one's play date! Unfinished wood shapes gives your children a great opportunity to have a fun craft activity for their play date. If you're looking for ideas for using these unfinished wood shapes for your kids, look no further! 24 Hour Crafts is here to help with 5 Creative And Fun Ideas For Your Kid's Play Date!

24 Hour Crafts Unfinished Wood Shape Painting Project

1. Keep it simple and let them paint the unfinished wood shapes!

Grab the unfinished wood shapes and some colorful, easy-to-clean paint! Lay down some old magazines or newspaper and let them paint! At the end of the day, once everything dries, the kids have a fun painted wood shape to keep and treasure! Just make sure they pick a wood shape that interests them and will keep them entertained for a day!

2. With some assistance, let them resin them!

The kid's are gonna need your help with this one, but the opportunity is pretty fun for them! Let the kids add color to the resin, glitter, or other knick-knacks. You can dip or pour the resin over the wood shapes and once dry and finished the kids have a perfect glitter unicorn or anything else!

24 Hour Crafts Unfinished Wood Shape Resins

3. Let the kid's string them up into fun bookmarks or necklaces!

If your supplier allows it, like 24 Hour Crafts does, you can ask them to drill holes into the unfinished wood shapes. This will allow your little ones to string the wood shapes up. You can braid the shapes in, or add them to a beaded chain! Turn these wood shapes into the focal points of custom bookmarks, necklaces, or even bracelets!

4. Turn the unfinished wood shapes into fun easy-handling toys!

Let the kid's color the wood shapes to their hearts desires, using markers, crayons, or whatever else you have on hand. Once they are decorated add a popsicle stick to the back and now they have fun puppet toys to play with! Easy custom toys!

5. Help the little one's decorate the unfinished wood shapes with anything their heart desires!

Using some kid's glue, or something stronger with the help of an adult, let the kid's choose whatever decorations they want to. From bedazzles, to puzzle pieces, pictures cut from magazines of things they enjoy, or anything else! This activity can create a fun and unique collage for the kid's to enjoy and put in their rooms as decoration!

24 Hour Crafts Unfinished Wood Shapes Glue Project

We hope that some of our ideas have inspired you for your kid's next play date! No matter what activity you choose, make sure the kid's have a hand in picking their unfinished wood shapes and activities. At the end of the play date, your little one's will have a fun momento or toy to treasure!

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