• 10 Ideas That Can Add Texture to Your Home Decor

    Personalized wall hanging crafts can become so unique and fun to make. Whatever your aesthetic or your creative license, you can really make any wood shape into a piece of beautiful decor to garnish on your walls! When picking and designing wall decor it's incredibly important to think about the different textures that you can create.
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    With Summer here and the kid's out of school, play dates are right around the corner! Whether you're hosting or merely dropping off the kid's, you can come up with some great creative and fun ideas for your little one's play date! Unfinished wood shapes gives your children a great opportunity to have a fun craft activity for their play date. If you're looking for ideas for using these unfinished wood shapes for your kids, look no further! 24 Hour Crafts is here to help with 5 Creative And Fun Ideas For Your Kid's Play Date!